Aszfalt PRE-HEATER berendezés
Aszfalt ON-BOARD berendezés

Aszfalt PRE-HEATER berendezés

PRE-HEATER berendezés

 Technical specifications - Angol nyelvű teljes specifikáció megtekintése

Key Figures   Speeds/Gradeability
Working Width 3.048 m - 3.926 m  Operating Gear 0-4.26 m/min
Engine Power 94 kW  Travel Gear 4.8 km/h
Emissions Standards (US) Tier III  Ground clearance 254 mm
Operatingg Weight 19,050 kg Weights
Number of Wheels 4 Front Axle Load 6,980 kg
Heating Performance 17,584 kW x 2 Rear Axle Load 12,070 kg
Travel Drive Hydrostatic Front/Rear Own Weight 19,050 kg
Heating System Tires
Heating Capacity 17584 kW x 2 Type of Tires Foam Filled
Heating Elements Radiant-Convection Tire size 425/65/R22.5
Engine Filling Capacities
Manufacturer Ohio CAT Fuel Tank 378.54 l
Type C4.4 Hydraulic Fluid Tank 378.54 l
Cooling Antifreeze Gas (Propane) Tank 3,785 l
Number of Cylinders 4 Water Tank 378.54 l
Output 94 kW Electrical System 12V
Engine Speed 1,200 rpm Shipping Dimensions
Displacement 4.4 l Dimensions of machine
(L x W x H)
11.2 m x 3.4 m x 2.743 m


Aszfalt ON-BOARD berendezés

ON-BOARD berendezés

 Technical specifications - Angol nyelvű teljes specifikáció megtekintése

Key Figures   Speed/Gradeability
Working Width 3,048-4,572 mm Operating Gear 0-4.572 m/min
Working Depth 0-50.8mm Travel Gear 0-4.8 km/h
Engine Power 403 kW Theoretical Grade  
Operating Weight 48,080 kg Ground Clearance 254 mm
Number of Wheels 6 Weights
Heating Performance 17,584 kW Front Axle Load 8.164 kg
Travel Drive Hydraulic/Front Wheel Second Row Tires 11,113 kg
Center Mill/Scarifying unit Third Row Tires 11,113 kg
Number of Scarifying tools 200 Own weight 30,390
Drum Diameter with Tools 1,358mm Tires
Vibratory Drive Hydraulic Type of tires 2 Foam Filles/4 Air Filled
Camber 0 Tire Size, Foam (Front) 445/65/R22.5
Heating System Tire Size, Air (Rear) 445/65/R22.5
Heating Capacity 293 kW Filling Capacities
Heating Elements Radiant Convection Furnace Fuel Tank 567 l
Engine Hydraulic Fluid Tank 1,059 l
Manufacturer Ohio CAT Emulsion Tank 1,892 l
Type C4.4 Gas (Propane) Tank 946 l
Cooling Antifreeze Water Tank 189 l
Number of Cylinders 6 Receiving Hopper 5 t
Output 403 kW Electrical System 12V
Engine Speed 1,400 rpm Shipping Dimensions
Displacement 15.2 l Machine Dimensions
(L x W x H)
12,801 x 3,048 x 2,743 mm